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Dental Implants in Barcelona

Dental implants mean the artificial tooth replacement procedure. Usually, dental implants used by those who have lost their tooth. Tooth loss is a common problem in many people. Some of the reasons of tooth loss are an accident, periodontal diseases, tooth decay, gum disease etc. In this case dental implant is the best way to replace tooth.

Dental implant introduced by an orthopedic surgeon known as P.I. Branemark at early 60s. After this lots of research has made and lot of advance technology has came in the field of dentistry and make dentistry more capable and more dependable. Now, dental implants success rate is almost 100% and there is no complicity after having implants.

For dental implants, the artificial tooth roots are made of some biocompatible metallic materials such as titanium. These materials are implanted into the jawbone. There is nothing to fear about for an experience dental surgeon can make it completely painless and a simple procedure.

When a patient comes to a dental surgeon, the surgeon makes some research first. And if all ok, then he decided to start implants procedure. The metal root for implant was made individually for individual patient after observing their dental structure and some other dental issue. The implant completed in two stages. 1) Dental Implant Surgery and 2) Restoration of the Implant. Both are very easy and simple procedure for an experience dental surgeon.

Also there is a dependable way, if your jaw bone is not enough suitable for a dental implants, it can be crafted and reshaped by bone grafting or a sinus lift process for it to be able to a successful dental implant. But what you need to do? You need to find a reliable and experience dental surgeon for make your implants. You have to depend on him. Not only the time have you made your implants but also in the observation period? After the implants, it’s important to observe it closely to see that the implant was successful and its hold the jaw bone perfectly.

For enhanced health and dental aesthetics in Barcelona, visit the clinic of Dr. Pi Urgell, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector of implants dental and hundreds of satisfied clients with the and his team. This also gives conferences and a symposium to students in their field is an eminence. If don't want to take risks in the health of your mouth this is his clinic.

To take an appointment or any question about your dental health, contact Dr. Pi Urgell . Get back your confident and beautiful smile today. For more information, click - implantes dentales


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